Friday, March 7, 2014

Live in color post 19

Olivia and I have planned a very hopeful and successful weekend. With our extra curricular activities it has been somewhat challenging to accomplish our goals. Tonight is our hockey team sleepover as an end of the season activity, Saturday morning we will go to practice at 10 and after we will have yet another Tshirt making session and if there's is a good quantity of time we may have some fun doing a photoshoot, not only for fun but to promote the Live In Color T's in a positive environment and bring some good vibes. My mom had also started to sell several shirts in her office to sell to her patients since some of the profits will be going towards them.

Were trying to work strongly to have the T's readily on demand to peers, classmates, teammates and teachers. Considering we've only sold to my moms patients and to our family members, we need to produce more T's and faster, and come up with new ways to promote our product. The hockey season is ending soon so we'd like to sell our hockey themed shirts to them as soon as possible. I want to put inspiring miracle quotes on the backs to show our positive vibes in all activities.

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  1. Will your T-shirts be available for the public to buy? I have a friend who makes homemade jewelry and sells it on with a lot of success!