Sunday, April 6, 2014

Live In Color Post 21

Olivia and I have out a lot of thought into our speech topic at the end of the year. So the big idea idea topic that we have settled on for now is the value of collaboration.

At the beginning of the year we had thought our big idea would be to live in color or in other words live life to the fullest without regret. But the deeper we've dug into this project we've realized it's working together. The value of collaboration.
It's an important life skill to focus on for future years to come if it be business, partnerships, etc. practically any career choice there will be collaboration and compromise. 
Schools do not mainly focus on the collaboration and compromising skills of their students. Is this good or bad? In some cases individual work and success is most valuable but social skills need to be improved among minorities. Our collaboration skills need improvement and as we students advance into our future jobs there is seldom opportunity where there is individual accomplishment. Communication isn't just through social media it needs to be verbally and through every day life. Electronics have made it increasingly difficult for social interaction. So we plan to speak of these main points but also maybe the importance if living life to the fullest and helping one sit her to the best if your ability.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Live In Color Post 20

We have decided to alter our grand project. My mom (our mentor) made us think realistically. If were planning on selling our shirts in bulk it will be close to impossible to make our tshirts neatly and on time. Me, being the perfectionist I am, there's no way I'd let a costumer buy a sloppy design. So with our busy schedules we've decided to print the T's professionally yet we design the base. So  the several that have already received our product, are the owners of the very first hand painted live in color T's! We will be using our original painted shirts as demo works. So with this challenge I intend to mention failure in our speech. I've always have been told to never give up and just keep fighting. And that has always been my mindset until now. Painting these tshirts has been enjoyable I will admit, but as of now it seems more of just a labor rather than a hobby. So instead of repeating the same exact designs on tshirts, this way we can make even more designs and look professional. As I was typing this post I had an idea. What if Olivia and I, in addition to the professional prints, we the dye T's since our main focal point is to Live In Color. Considering I feel guilty now that I have abandoned our hand done work I think it would be a nice addition to the project. All of these experiences and challenges will most definitely impact our speech and I'm excited to see what direction our Live In Color 20 time awaits. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Live in color post 19

Olivia and I have planned a very hopeful and successful weekend. With our extra curricular activities it has been somewhat challenging to accomplish our goals. Tonight is our hockey team sleepover as an end of the season activity, Saturday morning we will go to practice at 10 and after we will have yet another Tshirt making session and if there's is a good quantity of time we may have some fun doing a photoshoot, not only for fun but to promote the Live In Color T's in a positive environment and bring some good vibes. My mom had also started to sell several shirts in her office to sell to her patients since some of the profits will be going towards them.

Were trying to work strongly to have the T's readily on demand to peers, classmates, teammates and teachers. Considering we've only sold to my moms patients and to our family members, we need to produce more T's and faster, and come up with new ways to promote our product. The hockey season is ending soon so we'd like to sell our hockey themed shirts to them as soon as possible. I want to put inspiring miracle quotes on the backs to show our positive vibes in all activities.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Live in color post 18

Today's blog post will be a reflection piece on the project, the year, my concerns and enjoyments. I greatly appreciate 20% of our time in class is strictly dedicated towards the individual students passion. It has inspired me as well as fellow classmates to pursue their dream. The thought of 20 time has really inspired me because every teenager and child tells themself "wow! When I'm an adult I'm going to do this with my life!" "I'm gonna do this when I'm an adult!" "When I'm an adult I'm going to be like so and so!" "I'm going to change the world when I'm an adult!" But us teens haven't thought about the now. Fear puts us into a state where we reserve our passions for the future. 20 time teaches us to act on our passions and strive in our happiest state. 

One thing that may be concerning though is perhaps some students view 20 time as a grade and not as themselves living for what they love. Our project is called live in color and connects to 20 time because it teaches us to live in the present. Some people may even realize they don't enjoy their topic anymore or haven't realized how much effort should be properly put into their passion. Through 20 time some people may stumble upon new or additional enjoyments but some may lose their enjoyments and feel lost. 

If I could change one thing about 20 time I'd think I'd put more thought into the project in advance so I knew I was on the right track but other than my personal adjustments I believe 20 time is a huge success! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter break

In the past two weeks I have been out of school. Firstly I was sick with a viral infection and the second week was our break. So I've had some time to think of our next steps moving forward into our project. I've sketched a few designs that will hopefully be on our next tshirts. Olivia and I have designed a Floridian feel. The scenery and animals really have impacted our take on the project and believe it will bring a positive example of what we are trying to accomplish because the scenes are bright and sunny and I significant because so is life and we can overcome any obstacle if we really try. So the bright, fun patterns bring happiness. 
Olivia had come up with some new ideas and realizations that we will incorporate into our speech at the end if the year. We are making an effort to stick with our Evernote books because we have strived with them in use. We had also designed a skyline that can be inspirational because we reach new heights every day we believe in our efforts. It's important the shirts are somewhat inspiring because that's our project. For others and ourselves to be inspired!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Post 16

We haven't worked on the tshirts for a while now but in the time period we haven't, we've gotten quite a bit done. Our new schedule for this project is much more helpful than how unorganized we had been at the start. First we get inspired and hot down ideas, meet with our mentors and think of how our current feelings can impact our essay, but our supplies and make our shirts. 

We have many people to sell these shirts too being so involved in sports, we can appeal the shirts to our hockey team and in the spring the lacrosse team. I hope our team would be happy to support us and enjoy the T's as well. If luck to out a hockey theme and an inspirational quote and who knows it may become spirit wear.  

One thing we need to work on is our Instagram, we haven't been keeping up with it lately and I believe it will really help us succeed in selling more shirts.

I'm excited to go to Florida this break to be inspired by beachy happy scenes!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Live In Color Post 15

Olivia and I hadn't got much accomplished this week for our 20 time because we have been extremely busy. But this weekend Olivia and I had gone to Chicago for our team hockey trip! It has been so exciting and we shopped till we dropped! Every where I turn I seem to be inspired with design because in Chicago I'm inspired to make a skyline pattern representing unity for the T's. I'm excited to have yet another t-shirt making session hopefully in the upcoming week. 

In Chicago, we had a blast! From 5 hours of sitting on a bus to strolling down michigan avenue and visiting a comedy club. I feel much closer to my team and the sport I love which reminds me now of how much I love my 20 time project after making the puzzle pieces for into the project I have also felt more connected to our work and dedication and I am motivated to keep moving through full force and maybe even continue this project well after the year ends. 

Olivia and I have grown so much for this duration of the school year through our activities and classes such as this one. I'm proud to have such an amazing opportunity to express my ideas and talents In creative and positive format.