Saturday, June 7, 2014

Live in color post 25

Wow. What an amazing year. Earlier today TedX GrossePointeSouthHS had happened in our auditorium, with our students, telling their stories. 20 time has been an amazing experience and has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities I've learned not only through my goals in my project but being involved and listenening to my classmates TED talks has changed my perspective on how I see the world. I now look at college differently and happiness and how the most complicated things are truly so simple. I hope to remember these important points because they are valid observations that I need to implement into my life. Unfortunately I couldn't make the event since my parents have been very strict on finals this week and am held prisoner in my home, but while studying I had watched the entire tedx event on my computer. From Jacobs speech about the passion behind volunteering and not the need for college to Hannah C's talk about our generation (thanks to Hannah I jumped into studying because who wants to be remembered as the lazy technology absorbed generation? Not me!) from all of these talks I've realized I need to be organized, stay on track with education, explore new creative ways of thinking but all while being happy. I've also realized to appreciate everything around me and with some of the talks on creativity, GPS has such a fortunate art program and I am so lucky to be apart of it contributing my artistic juices. Since I am not a genioussss academically, these talks made me feel important because many focused on things BESIDES academics. This whole year has given me a turn of mind and I am open to so many new things, I understand and organize myself, surprisingly I'm also a lot happier. Surprising because as a 15 year old girl walking into an honors American lit. class on the first day of school I had never thought I could grow so much in such a short period of time. So for that I want to thank my teacher, Mr. Provenzano for giving us such and amazing experience to find ourselves.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Live in color post 24

I believe our 20 time speech will be productive. Since we are a duo no one else in our class has the same ideas as us because we are focusing on the the value of collaboration. Our first slide we will talk about ourselves and our childhood growing up together and mention an interesting story that relates to living life to the fullest. The next slide is a quote we will somewhat annotate and dissect and the designs we will be explaining our inspiration behind them and how it involves seasons of life. We also have a picture on failure which we will spend most if our time because we had failed. Even though our project had been a failure we certainly took valuable lessons from this such as collaboration and how we all need to work together to succeed even farther. We will continue this project into the summer because we have more time and little room for procrastination as in the school year. There are seldom careers in like where individuals work solo it is important to share and step into one another's shoes to open your mind to other possibilities and ideas

Friday, May 9, 2014

Live In Color Post 23

Perfecting the 20 time speech is harder than I had originally planned. I don't know if we have enough information yet I also don't know if we our topics may not have a deep enough meaning. I'm also very nervous for speaking. As kids, Olivia and I had grown up in forensics. Which is public speaking either acting out a dramatic skit or giving a serious and meaningful speech. Forensics had taught us to use projection, make eye contact, use the right hand motions, speak clearly and get our point across in emotion and feeling. But go course forensics competitions were in front of people we didn't know and in a small classroom. As we are nervously approaching the end I hope to speak in confidence and have a flowing talk with the audience to tell them our experiences and what we've done, to show them the positives we learned but also the negatives. And the joy and goodness in helping people. We also might talk about our ideas of continuing this project, but I can honestly say it's brought us even closer.

In our slides we will include pictures of our original painted tshirts which will remind us of our failures. And then of our new idea inspired by kitty to show where you can go from a failed attempt, which may have been better considering the printed T's are much neater and clean which will be way more appealing to customers and looks more professional. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Live In Color Post 22

Over break I had honestly not thought about 20 time once. Soaking up the Floridian sun, and letting go of all things school. Now kicking back into school mode, I have to start strongly contemplate our 20 time project, the speech and the journey we've taken and where we've come. We have scheduled an appointment with a Tshirt designer. Kittys helped me with finding the designer because her T's looked so great! We just need help with finding a deal on buying mass tshirts. Kitty told is the hardest part was finding the perfect design but since we've already created the designs how we want them the process shouldn't take long at all and hopefully will be a piece of cake! We have also written the tags describing what are goal is and what 20 time is. We will make copies of the tag and include one with each purchase. But again our speech will definitely focus on teamwork.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Live In Color Post 21

Olivia and I have out a lot of thought into our speech topic at the end of the year. So the big idea idea topic that we have settled on for now is the value of collaboration.

At the beginning of the year we had thought our big idea would be to live in color or in other words live life to the fullest without regret. But the deeper we've dug into this project we've realized it's working together. The value of collaboration.
It's an important life skill to focus on for future years to come if it be business, partnerships, etc. practically any career choice there will be collaboration and compromise. 
Schools do not mainly focus on the collaboration and compromising skills of their students. Is this good or bad? In some cases individual work and success is most valuable but social skills need to be improved among minorities. Our collaboration skills need improvement and as we students advance into our future jobs there is seldom opportunity where there is individual accomplishment. Communication isn't just through social media it needs to be verbally and through every day life. Electronics have made it increasingly difficult for social interaction. So we plan to speak of these main points but also maybe the importance if living life to the fullest and helping one sit her to the best if your ability.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Live In Color Post 20

We have decided to alter our grand project. My mom (our mentor) made us think realistically. If were planning on selling our shirts in bulk it will be close to impossible to make our tshirts neatly and on time. Me, being the perfectionist I am, there's no way I'd let a costumer buy a sloppy design. So with our busy schedules we've decided to print the T's professionally yet we design the base. So  the several that have already received our product, are the owners of the very first hand painted live in color T's! We will be using our original painted shirts as demo works. So with this challenge I intend to mention failure in our speech. I've always have been told to never give up and just keep fighting. And that has always been my mindset until now. Painting these tshirts has been enjoyable I will admit, but as of now it seems more of just a labor rather than a hobby. So instead of repeating the same exact designs on tshirts, this way we can make even more designs and look professional. As I was typing this post I had an idea. What if Olivia and I, in addition to the professional prints, we the dye T's since our main focal point is to Live In Color. Considering I feel guilty now that I have abandoned our hand done work I think it would be a nice addition to the project. All of these experiences and challenges will most definitely impact our speech and I'm excited to see what direction our Live In Color 20 time awaits. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Live in color post 19

Olivia and I have planned a very hopeful and successful weekend. With our extra curricular activities it has been somewhat challenging to accomplish our goals. Tonight is our hockey team sleepover as an end of the season activity, Saturday morning we will go to practice at 10 and after we will have yet another Tshirt making session and if there's is a good quantity of time we may have some fun doing a photoshoot, not only for fun but to promote the Live In Color T's in a positive environment and bring some good vibes. My mom had also started to sell several shirts in her office to sell to her patients since some of the profits will be going towards them.

Were trying to work strongly to have the T's readily on demand to peers, classmates, teammates and teachers. Considering we've only sold to my moms patients and to our family members, we need to produce more T's and faster, and come up with new ways to promote our product. The hockey season is ending soon so we'd like to sell our hockey themed shirts to them as soon as possible. I want to put inspiring miracle quotes on the backs to show our positive vibes in all activities.